More About Megaupload

Posted on 3 February 2012


A week or two ago Kim Dotcom and three associates were arrested by the New Zealand police on behalf of the FBI. They run Megaupload and related websites, which allowed people to upload large amounts of copyright infringing content – as well as large amounts of perfectly legal content. The Megaupload websites have been shut down, keeping thousands of people from being able to access their own property.

It’s a complicated legal situation, but hopefully these links help explain some of the details:

(1) It’s wildly under-appreciated how unrestrained is the Government’s power to do what it wants, and how little effect these debates over various proposed laws have on that power. …

(2) The U.S. really is a society that simply no longer believes in due process: once the defining feature of American freedom that is now scorned as some sort of fringe, radical, academic doctrine.

Next time, free culture!

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