FOSsil Bank Update for 5 May

Posted on 5 May 2012


The FOSsil Bank is a wiki that catalogues libre and proprietary shareable works (free culture, Creative Commons, open content, open source, free software, open knowledge, open hardware, etc.). This week, several entries have been added to the wiki:

New Entries on FOSsil Bank


  • In the Shade of the Commons, a collection of articles about bridging the gap between information societies. (CC BY-SA; free PDF download)
  • Two works from artist Bill Brown: a hundred pixelated images of New Orleans homes and a hundred pixelated images of cameras. (CC BY; free EPS/AI/PNG download)
  • ‘Sharing is Caring’, a rap song by Dan Bull that he remixed multiple times, was released this week and hit #9 in the UK Independent chart. (CC0; free torrent download or for fee download from major music sites)
  • Lunatics is a science fiction TV show that’s been in the works for a few years, but some assets have been created and are available for people to use. (CC BY-SA; free download)

It’s complicated

  • David Bollier produces a website under CC BY and has written a number of books, at least one of which is under a proprietary shareable resource licence. (CC BY, CC BY-NC; a mix of free and for fee downloads, hardcopies, etc.)
  • ‘Alphonse Maria Mucha – The Complete Works’ is a website with many images from Alfons Mucha’s corpus. It purports to be under CC BY-NC-ND, but in practice most (perhaps all) of the images will now be in the public domain (I believe; this is not legal advice). (free downloads)