FOSsil Bank Update for 12 May

Posted on 12 May 2012


The FOSsil Bank is a wiki that catalogues libre and proprietary shareable works (free culture, Creative Commons, open content, open source, free software, open knowledge, open hardware, etc.). This week, several entries have been added to the wiki:

New Entries on FOSsil Bank


  • The results of the One Page Dungeon Contest 2012 are available for download. They’re dungeons designed for tabletop roleplaying games (many are in the style of Dungeons & Dragons, but they’re rules-free). Gratis PDFs under CC BY-SA.
  • Maki is a collection of symbols made for the OpenStreetMap project. Each ‘thing’ has three different vector maps based on what resolution it’s meant to be displayed at (so the most basic ‘bike’ icon is blocky and simple, while the most complicated looks good at a large scale). There are over 70 symbols (in three different varieties, for over 220 icons). The licensing is a bit confusing – it looks like they’re under BSD on one site and CC0 at The Noun Project. In any case, they’re gratis SVGs.
  • You All Meet in a Tavern is an adventure for the gratis and libre tabletop RPG Critical! Go Westerly. Gratis PDF under CC BY-SA.

Non-libre shareable works

  • Tale of Navri is an adventure game set on a skyship. Gratis PDF under CC BY-NC-SA.
  • The creatively-named website is a cooperative project between federal, state and territory governments in Australia. It’s a database on vocational education and training. Gratis under CC BY-ND.

That’s it for another week. Any questions or comments, or anything you’d like added to the wiki, let me know!