FOSsil Bank Update for 19 May 2012

Posted on 20 May 2012


The FOSsil Bank is a wiki that catalogues libre and proprietary shareable works (free culture, Creative Commons, open content, open source, free software, open knowledge, open hardware, etc.). This week, several entries have been added to the wiki:

New Entries on FOSsil Bank


  • Old Book Art, a site that collects scanned images. A number of entities are claiming copyright or physical rights holder rights over the images, but the images themselves are public domain.
  • Feedback Loops in Game Design, an infographic by full-time game designer Daniel Solis. Gratis JPG under CC BY.
  • The Australian Budget 2012-2013, along with commentary. Gratis PDF under CC BY.
  • Wanton Role-Playing System, a version of the respected roleplaying game Over the Edge. Gratis PDF under the Open Game License.*
  • Art Passions, a collection of scanned public domain images.
  • WPClipart, a collection of public domain clipart, including some scanned images.
  • Karen’s Whimsy, a collection of scanned public domain images.
  • Old Book Illustrations, a collection of scanned public domain images. The site requests that users abide by certain terms of service.
  • Surlalune Fairy Tales, a collection of scanned public domain images.
  • The Shrouded Lands, a collaborative fantasy world being developed by me and some others. Gratis PDF under CC BY-SA.

* The Open Game License isn’t recognised as a free culture licence by Freedom Defined nor as an open knowledge licence by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Nick Wedig’s Libre Games

  • Wide Stance, a game about repressed homosexuality. Available as a gratis PDF under CC BY.
  • Cardenio’s Daughter, a game about a protagonist switching between stories. Available as a gratis PDF under CC BY-SA.
  • Shakespeare 2985, perhaps best described by its author: ‘a science fiction espionage murder mystery do-it-yourself alternate reality game about interpreting poetry and failing thermal dampeners.’
  • Return to Maniac Mansion, a horror game based on the LucasArts Maniac Mansion. Gratis PDF under CC BY.
  • Scrabblenauts, a game where you control the story by making words out of Scrabble tiles. Gratis PDF under CC BY-SA.
  • Crash!/Lanterns of the Dead, a game described by the author as: “two game[s] in one: a game about a crashed astronaut, and a game about an alien culture.” Gratis PDF under CC BY.

Proprietary Shareable Works

  • Adapt, a collection of Australian open educational resources for Adaptation Studies. Gratis resources under CC BY-NC-SA.
  • Gundam Blackbird, a hack of story game darling Lady Blackbird for the Gundam universe. Gratis PDF under CC BY-NC-SA.
  • Age of Fable, an online choose-your-own-adventure game. Gratis HTML under CC BY-NC (source code available).

Nick Wedig’s Proprietary Shareable Games

  • Once I Was a Warrior, a game designed for the author’s brother’s 30th birthday. It’s about changing and growing old, and it’s available as a gratis PDF under CC BY-NC-SA.
  • Rosalind Wells, Ambassador to Space, a game about a 5-year-old girl who has to solve the problems of alien visitors. Gratis PDF under CC BY-NC-SA.