4C System: Superhero Roleplaying (Libre Edition)

Posted on 24 May 2012


In 2007 Phil Reed released a retroclone of a popular 1980s superheroes roleplaying game. He called the retroclone 4C System and released it into the public domain for others to use. Unfortunately, the PDF of 4C System contained several copyright works, including illustrations, the credits and the layout.

I took the 4C System text, added the public domain supplement Weapons & Gear, and stripped it of its copyright content. The result is what I’m calling 4C System: Superhero Roleplaying (Libre Edition). I am hosting the files (including source files) at this page on the Internet Archive, but most people will only need these files:

  • A4 cover (JPG)
  • A4 interior (PDF)
  • A4 Master Tables (PDF)

The book is also available at Lulu for purchase in hardcopy ($8 softcover). I haven’t ordered a printed copy myself yet, so I can’t promise that it will look good.

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