FOSsil Bank Update (26 May 2012)

Posted on 26 May 2012


Libre Resources

  • Juanitos are a band that produces retro boogy music. It’s good fun and you can listen to and download it gratis from Jamendo. CC BY or CC BY-SA.
  • Open Library is a metadata project to create a webpage for every book that ever existed. It doesn’t assert copyright itself, but contributors may have some residual rights.
  • NASA Images is a collection of public domain images (mostly of space, of course) curated by the Internet Archive.
  • The US Government is the source of a tremendous amount of public domain resources, because of a great federal law that works produced by an employee of the US Government in the course of their duties are in the public domain.
  • The White House website has some photographs, press releases and so on that might be useful. To avoid ambiguity about the application of the public domain, it is also under CC BY.
  • The CIA World Factbook is a detailed description of every country in the world. The Factbook is in the public domain.
  • Talis is a private company in the innovation business. CC BY.
  • Free Gamer is a blog that discusses and reviews FLOSS games. The reviews themselves are CC BY-SA.
  • The Comical Ecology of Political Economy has a list of libre games under various licences. The website itself appears to be all rights reserved.
  • Libregamewiki is an impressive database of libre electronic games. The site itself is dual-licensed CC BY and GNU FDL.

Proprietary Shareable Resources

  • Catching the Waves reviews gratis and Creative Commons–licensed music. The reviews are under CC BY-NC-ND.
  • Repository 66 is a mashup of the locations of open access repositories with Google Maps. CC BY-NC-SA.
  • The Emergency 2.0 Wiki is an Australian disaster awareness site under CC BY-NC-SA.
  • The unfortunately-named Free Culture Game is a simple web game where you attempt to block commercial media from brainwashing individuals. CC BY-NC-SA

That’s all for this week, folks!