FOSsil Bank Update (2 June 2012)

Posted on 2 June 2012


This is another update for FOSsil Bank, the wiki of libre works and shareable resources. If there are other libre or shareable works that could be added, please add them yourselves or let me know and I’ll add them.


From or About Government



Proprietary Shareable Works

  • Open Society Foundations, an activist group that focuses on good and open governance. CC BY-NC-ND.
  • JISC, an expert body on technology in UK education. CC BY-NC-ND.
  • Tabletop RPGs:
    • Shadow-Hack, an RPG that combines Old School Hack with Shadowrun. CC BY-NC.
    • Torus One, an RPG that takes place in a very small space station. CC BY-NC-SA.
    • 4CC, a superhero RPG. CC BY-NC-ND.
    • Viento Libre, a steampunk RPG set on a Goblin spaceship. CC BY-NC-SA.
  • Yochai Benkler’s works:
  • The games of the SFX! System,a tabletop roleplaying game system designed to be simple, fast and exciting. All of the games are CC BY-NC-SA.
    • Argh!, a modern-day supernatural thriller.
    • Kapow!, a superhero game.
    • Zap!, a science fiction game.
    • Zounds!, a fantasy game.