Fund Free Culture #1: Dungeon World

Posted on 6 June 2012


Dungeon World, a tabletop fantasy role-playing game by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel, is currently on Kickstarter. It shot past its funding goal in four hours, and is currently sitting at over $21,000.

The game’s text is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, although its art and fonts are not. TEX files for the game are hosted at Github, where fans can report bugs and fork the project.

I’ve played several sessions of Dungeon World and it was tremendous fun. The game’s tagline: ‘A game with modern rules and old-school style’ is spot on. The game mechanics—adapted from Vincent Baker’s excellent Apocalypse World—are intuitive and fun. When a character attempts something, they can succeed unequivocally, succeed but with an unfortunate side-effect or fail miserably. Unlike some dungeoncrawl games, Dungeon World is not maths-heavy. The focus is on the story that is being created, not the fighter’s bonus to attack rolls.

There are some supporting materials for Dungeon World that will be released to backers in PDF form. They are unlikely to be CC BY licensed from the beginning. However, it looks like most of the text of the supporting materials will be CC BY licensed at a later date.

If you’re interested in supporting free culture, I’d heartily recommend helping to fund Dungeon World.