FOSsil Bank Update (11 August 2012)

Posted on 11 August 2012


Another week and another update for the FOSsil Bank, a wiki of shareable resources. As always, let me know if you have any suggestions.


When I find a libre licensed work up on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or another crowdfunding tool, I’ll tweet about it with the tag #FundFreeCulture. Feel free to do the same!

  • Ronaldo Tours is a documentary about a fictional Italian. The compilation will be CC BY-NC-SA, but the assets will be CC BY. ($265 of $500, 34 days to go)
  • Lunatics Animated Series Pilot is an animated science fiction TV episode. ($1,759 of $100,000, 9 days to go)

Libre Resources

Liberated Pixel Cup Content

Liberated Pixel Cup contributions were licensed under CC BY-SA or GNU GPL (or both).

The following entries are HTML5 games that can be played online without downloading anything.

  • Sorcerer’s Garden is a game where you grow plants that allow you to use spells.
  • MonkStory is a shooter game where you are attacked on all sides by monsters and must defend your monastery.
  • In Volley Zombie, you try to keep the ball up while blasting approaching zombies.
  • Ye Olde Adventure Shoppe is a proof-of-concept for a shopkeep game.
  • In Farm Taken Over, you can use the light to ward off attackers—but don’t turn your back!

Proprietary Shareable Resources

  • SCIRES-IT ‘provides a forum for the exchange and sharing of know-how in the areas of Digitalization and Multimedia Technologies and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in support of Cultural and environmental Heritage (CH) documentation, preservation and fruition.’

Wiki Changes

  • There’s now a page for HTML5 software. Currently, the only entries are contributions to the Liberated Pixel Cup.
  • There’s now a category for Fonts (they used to be tucked under the Art category).
  • There’s now a subcategory ‘Journals’ in the Information category.
  • The Apache License is now listed as a permissive libre licence.