FOSsil Bank Update (22 October)

Posted on 22 October 2012


Helping out the Bank

If you wanted to help out the FOSsil Bank, you could add the remaining books from Open Book Publishers to the FOSsil Bank. I’ve only done the libre books (Is Behavioral Economics Dead?, Frontier Encounters, Oral Literature in Africa and The Digital Public Domain) but it would be useful to have the others as well.

If you’d like to help out with that, there’s a tutorial and you can see the current list of Open Book Publishers entries on the wiki.

#FundFreeCulture: New and Ongoing

  • Take On Magic Items ($2.50; CC BY)
  • Brad Sucks, ‘Guess Who’s a Mess’ (name your price; CC BY-SA)
  • Japanese RPG Monster RPG 2 is being ransomed on IndieGoGo, although as far as I can tell only the engine will be libre licensed and not the assets ($705/$1,500; 16 days left; Give It Your Own License, License)
  • Bejewelled-style TumbleGonk is being ransomed on IndieGoGo, and the assets will also be licensed. ($20/$850; 8 days left; CC BY, GNU GPL)
  • The colour and black-and-white art of the African-themed Spears of the Dawn RPG will be released into the public domain for others to use. ($6,687/$3,000; 17 days left; public domain)
  • MediaGoblin is a media publishing system for video, images and audio. ($18,382/$60,000; 19 days left; GNU AGPL)
  • One Shot is a new tabletop RPG on Kickstarter from open gaming stalwart Tracy Barnett. ($1,378/$3,000; 14 days left; CC BY-SA)

#FundFreeCulture: Update

Fund Proprietary Shareable Works

There are two days left for the Humble eBook Bundle, and though there are sadly no libre works on offer there is xkcd: volume 0 (CC BY-NC), Pirate Cinema (CC BY-NC-ND), Magic for Beginners (CC BY-NC-SA), Stranger Things Happen (CC BY-NC-SA), Save Yourself, Mammal! (CC BY-NC) and The Most Dangerous Game (CC BY-NC). You can adjust where your contribution goes, so I sent mine only to authors of CC works.

Libre Works

  • Open Book Publishers has a collection of books under shareable works licences. I’ve only added the libre ones to the wiki so far (they also publish Oral Literature in Africa and The Digital Public Domain, which were already on the wiki):

Proprietary Shareable Works

Decktet is an alternative deck of cards with some interesting features. (CC BY-NC-SA)

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