FOSsil Bank Update (3 November 2012)

Posted on 3 November 2012




  • Brad Sucks, ‘Guess Who’s a Mess’ (now available! name your price; CC BY-SA)

  • Japanese RPG Monster RPG 2 is being ransomed on IndieGoGo, although as far as I can tell only the engine will be libre licensed and not the assets ($1,006/$1,500; 4 days left; Give It Your Own License, License)

  • The colour and black-and-white art of the African-themed Spears of the Dawn RPG will be released into the public domain for others to use. ($8,198/$3,000; 5 days left; public domain)

  • MediaGoblin is a media publishing system for video, images and audio. ($23,901/$60,000; 7 days left; GNU AGPL)

  • One Shot is a new tabletop RPG on Kickstarter from open gaming stalwart Tracy Barnett. Music, art and the game itself are all going to be libre licensed ($3,220/$3,000; 1 day left; CC BY-SA)

  • Learn Game Programming ( is a Kickstarter project to fund a video series for novice programmers. You can check out existing material at ($1,902/$700; 22 days to go; CC BY-SA, it appears)


  • Bejewelled-style TumbleGonk failed to be ransomed on IndieGoGo, and all contributions were refunded.

  • Hillfolk, a Kickstarter project where one of the stretch goals was for two tabletop RPG rule systems (GUMSHOE and DramaSystem) to be open licensed, was funded. ($93,845/$3,000)

Best contributor

Goes to Shlomi Fish for adding his work The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight to the wiki.

If you’d like to help out, I’ve made a list of jobs that need doing.

On the blog

  • I explore a discussion taking place on tabletop RPG designer Robin Laws’ blog about what licence he should place on two game systems (GUMSHOE and DramaSystem). There was vigorous discussion about CC BY, CC BY-SA, the Open Game License as well as options like CC+, dual licensing and writing one’s own licence. Part 1 and Part 2.

Libre works




  • Brad Sucks has released its third album, ‘Guess Who’s a Mess’. It’s not any more cheerful than his previous offerings, but it’s very catchy! (CC BY-SA)

  • Slim is a lovely rock band with one album. (CC BY-SA)

  • Radio Nowhere is the rock/pop band that replaced Slim. One of their albums is libre, the other is proprietary. (CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC-SA)

  • CCTRAX is a collection of CC-licensed albums. (Libre and proprietary)

  • thesixtyone plays music at random. It has a CC channel, but doesn’t distinguish between libre and proprietary music. (Libre and proprietary)




  • Open Source Alternative is a site that proposes open source alternatives to popular proprietary software. (a range of libre licences)

  • The OSSwin Project is a site that lists open source software available for Windows systems. (a range of libre licences)

  • Code School will teach you to program via video! (CC BY-SA)

Tabletop Games

    • Perfect20 is a variant on Dungeons & Dragons 3E from Amagi Games. (OGL)
    • The Ouroboros Cycle is a set of books about tabletop roleplaying, from general advice to specific settings. (PD)

Electronic Games

  • Nooskewl Games is an independent game studio that releases the code for some of its games under the Give It Your Own License, License (a PD licence).


Proprietary shareable works

  • Molly Lewis is a ukelele-playing musician. (CC BY-NC-SA)

Until next time!

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