The FOSsil Bank now has a mailing list; FOSsil Bank 17 November update also inside

Posted on 17 November 2012


FOSsil Bank now has a mailing list!

Thanks to the good people at the OKFN, there’s now a mailing list for the FOSsil Bank:

I anticipate using the list mainly or exclusively for these roughly fortnightly updates. However, I’d be happy to see broader discussion about the wiki or free/libre/open works on the list as well.

Please tell anyone who might be interested about the list.



  • MediaGoblin reached 72% of its funding goal (GNU AGPL)
  • Japanese RPG Monster RPG 2 was successfully ransomed. The game is gratis on many platforms; the code is gratis and libre (Give It Your Own License, License)
  • One Shot was successfully funded. The game is not released yet, but the game text has been available since the campaign launched. (CC BY or BY-SA)
  • Spears of the Dawn RPG was successfully funded. The art, which will be public domain, is about half complete.


New Libre Resources on the FOSsil Bank Wiki

Art and Assets

  • AncientBeast is a computer game in the making, but its code and assets are already libre (CC BY-SA, AGPL)
  • MrBeastDesign is a pixel artist. (CC BY-SA)
  • A link to the Battle for Wesnoth assets (pixel art, raster art, music) has been added to the wiki page (GNU GPL)
  • 500px is a photography website that recently allowed CC licences on the photos it hosts. It does sort by CC licence (all CC licences)
  • 2013 Open Source Calendar features heroes of the open source and associated movements, including Lessig, Stallman and Torvalds. (CC BY-SA) 

Information and Data

  • myPolice Data is the Queensland police force’s open data. (CC BY)
  • Wikidata is the Wikimedia Foundation’s latest project. (CC0)
  • is a website about the incredible substance aerogel, including how to make it! (CC BY)
  • The Social Media Reader is a collection of articles about social media from a range of people. (CC BY or CC BY-SA, except for one CC BY-NC-SA article) 



  • Bandcamp hosts some CC-licensed albums, but gives no way to search for specific CC licences. 


  • Breadpig is a distributor, and some of the stuff that they distribute is libre or otherwise shareable.
  • The Evil Mad Scientist Shop sells open source hardware for a range of purposes.
    • The Balloon Mapping Kit allows you to take your own aerial photographs from up to 300 metres! (CC BY-SA, CERN OHL)
  • littleBits is a library (and catalogue) of electronic modules that snap together using magnets. (CC BY-SA, CERN OHL)

Software and Electronic Games

  • The List of Open Source Programs is a list of such programs for Windows on the Ubuntu Wiki (wiki: CC BY-SA; programs: libre)
  • Monster RPG 2 is a JRPG electronic game available on a number of formats, gratis. Its code is libre; apparently the assets are as well but I haven’t been able to chase them down (Give It Your Own License, License) 

Tabletop Games

  • Take on Establishments is a supplement for the libre tabletop game Dungeon World, detailing taverns, gardens and so on. (CC BY)
  • PCGen is a character generator for the d20 System of tabletop RPGs. (GNU LGPL) 


New Proprietary Shareable Resources on the FOSsil Bank Wiki

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