[FOSsil Bank Update] 15 December 2012

Posted on 15 December 2012


Hi folks,

Another few weeks, another update. I hope you’ve all been enjoying Creative Commons’ 10th birthday as much as I have!



  • I uploaded some key assets from Japanese RPG Monster RPG 2, which was successfully ransomed by the last update, to Open Game Art. (CC0)
  • DocGraph is a dataset that shows connections between doctors, specialists and so on. Funded with $45,011 of the goal of $35,000. (CC BY-SA, but only after 6 months)
  • Learn Game Programming (codeschool.org) was a Kickstarter project to fund a video series for novice programmers. It was funded with $7,005 of the goal of $700. (CC BY-SA, it appears)

Libre works on the FOSsil Bank

I spun the recipe category out of the hardware category instead of describing food as ‘edible hardware’.

Shareable resources on the FOSsil Bank

  • Open Test is a database for people to collaborate on test questions. (CC BY-NC-SA)
  • Bhaloidam is a tabletop RPG about tribes. (CC BY-NC)
  • openDemocracy is a news site. (CC BY-NC or all rights reserved)
  • Records on Ribs is a music label. (CC BY-NC-SA)
  • The Ware Tetralogy is a sci-fi series about human-cyborg relations. (CC BY-NC-ND)
  • Dublab’s #cc10 Mix is an hour of electronica music created for CC’s birthday. (CC BY-NC) 


Reminder: FOSsil Bank has a mailing list!

Thanks to the good people at the OKFN, there’s a mailing list for the FOSsil Bank:

Feel free to share this update with whomever you like.

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