[FOSsil Bank Update] 13 January 2013

Posted on 13 January 2013


Hi folks,

It’s been a while since the last FOSsil Bank update, both because I’ve been busy and because I haven’t found many new works recently. I’ve also stopped adding most non-libre works when I come across them, which means this update has the greatest ratio of libre to non-libre works so far.

As always, if you know of works under public copyright licences (and, particularly, under free/libre/open licences) you can add them to the wiki yourself or email me and I’ll add them. The same is also true for free/libre/open projects that are available for sale or are in the process of being crowdfunded, which I tweet about using the hashtag #FundFreeCulture.


This update is dedicated to Aaron Swartz, who died on the 11th of January.


The Free Software Foundation is still running a membership drive.

The FSF also has a Defective by Design drive going.


So You Want to Be a Librarian successfully funded on unglue.it, though the libre edition is not yet available. It raised $2,682 of its $2,500 goal (this goal was revised down from the original of $9,000 before the campaign ended). (CC BY-SA)

The third Vicious Crucible (pick-up-and-play tabletop RPGs), Argentate Drift, successfully funded on Kickstarter. ($2,493/$2,000) (CC BY-SA)

Widgiverse, a voxel-based electronic game, failed to fund on Kickstarter. ($403/$49,000) (public domain)

Wikipedia could still do with more donations, but its fundraising drive appears to be over.

Libre works and sources


Consequences, Risks and Side-Effects of the License Module Non-Commercial – NC, which is pretty much what it says in the title (CC BY-SA)

Creative Commons: A User Guide is now available in Spanish. (CC BY-SA)

Queensland Government Data is now available. (CC BY)

#PHONAR is an undergraduate photography class. (CC BY-SA)

Muktware is one of the few free culture Linux magazines. (CC BY)

Syria Deeply has news on the conflict in Syria. (CC BY)

The CryptoParty Handbook is designed for beginners who want to protect their privacy. (CC BY-SA)

Tabletop Games

Death of the Japanese Emperor is an experimental LARP for 4-8 players. (CC BY-SA)

The Modern Path is a take on the tabletop RPG Pathfinder for modern campaigns. (OGL)

TRIC SRD is a Dungeons & Dragons 4E clone. (OGL)

Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut is a tabletop RPG. (CC BY)

Sovereign is a Risk-like boardgame. (CC BY-SA)

I (Chris Sakkas) gathered a number of my tabletop RPGs (most of them libre licensed) in the one place.


Millionaire Blonde is an Italian folk band. I heartily recommend ‘Andrea Si Sposa’. (CC BY-SA)


The OpenPhotoProject provides cloud-based storage for your images, whichever site you upload them to. (Apache 2.0)

EveryCook is a project dedicated to better food through information. (CC BY-SA and an unnamed open source software licence).


dilly daily draws is the art blog of Filipe Dilly. (CC BY)

Circus Divas features art from a perverse circus. Some nudity and violence. (CC BY-SA)

Mimi and Eunice now have some comics available in Czech and Korean. (CC BY-SA)

The Catalogue ofIlluminated Manuscripts is a collection of 35,000 scans. (PD)

Non-libre shareable works and sources

Bad Panda Records offers weekly gratis music. (CC BY-NC-SA)

Dungeonslayers 4 is a tabletop RPG in several European languages. (CC BY-NC-SA)

Stay safe,


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