FOSsil Bank Update (30 March 2013)

Posted on 30 March 2013


Hi folks,

It’s been a month and a half since the last update, which leaves us with a lot of works to get through – so I’ve decided to split this update into two (I’ll send the second out next week).

As always, if you know of works under public copyright licences (and, particularly, under free/libre/open licences) you can add them to the wiki yourself or email me and I’ll add them. The same is also true for free/libre/open projects that are available for sale or are in the process of being crowdfunded, which I tweet about using the hashtag #FundFreeCulture.


The OpenShot Video Editor is being ported over from Linux to Mac and Windows. ($18,959 of $20,000; 18 days remain)

Kickstart an open source Death Star. (£327,000 of £20,000,000; 50 hours remain)

Save the Public Domain Review! ($12,729 of $20,000; 31 days to go)

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for The Foundation for an Open Source City ($4,023 of $3,000)

Justin, the creator of a free culture boardgame called To the Barricades, is asking for support to help him take art classes – and will create art in exchange. (free culture or free software licences of your choosing)

The Free Software Foundation is still running a membership drive. They made their $350,000 goal, but are still looking for about a hundred new members.

Libre Works


Freetems, a collection of public domain photos, ebooks, music, etc. (PD)

Zenhabits, advice on living well in a complex world. (PD)


Love Me Do, a Beatles classic now in the public domain. (PD)

Songs from The New Birthday Song Contest, organised by the Free Music Archive as Happy Birthday to You remains copyright. (CC BY)

Art and Video

Doodles & Dragons, a cartoon of hundreds of Dungeons & Dragons monsters. (CC BY)

Tears of Steel, the Blender sci-fi movie, now available in 4k footage. (CC BY)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art has digitised 80,000 works in their collection; one quarter of these are of PD works. (PD)

Spears of the Dawn Artpack, dozens of fantasy, Africa-inspired artworks. (PD)


Superpower Wiki, a wiki that describes thousands of supernatural powers. (CC BY-SA)

Valentin Champer, a French poet. (CC0)

Tabletop Games

First of May, a cardgame inspired by the Jonathan Coulton song. (CC BY-SA)

Brigadine, a skirmish-level fantasy wargame. (GNU FDL)

Drupal: The Gard Game, a cardgame that teaches the basics of Drupal. (CC BY-SA)

The Rainbow Deck is a cardgame system with over a hundred cards. (CC BY-SA)

Tannenberg 4, a wargame about the Russian offensive into East Prussia in 1994. (CC BY)

Project Utopia, a cardgame set in the fictional world of Project Utopia. (CC BY-SA)

Final Decrees is a boardgame based on a bureaucracy. (CC BY)

Hexpack, an expansion to the Piecepack. Both are tools that can be used to create multiple boardgames. (PD)


Sage, a mathematics software system. (GNU GPL)

Electronic Games

The Castle Doctrine, an MMO of burglary and home defence. (PD)

Twine Games, online choose-your-own-adventure games. (CC BY)

Card Stories, a Dixit-like multiplayer online game. (CC BY-SA assets, GNU AGPL code)


That’s all folks (till next week)

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