FOSsil Bank Update (13 April 2013)

Posted on 13 April 2013


Hi folks,

This is the second half of the monster update from two weeks ago, as well as some new content added over the fortnight.

As always, if you know of works under public copyright licences (and, particularly, under free/libre/open licences) you can add them to the wiki yourself or email me and I’ll add them. The same is also true for free/libre/open projects that are available for sale or are in the process of being crowdfunded, which I tweet about using the hashtag #FundFreeCulture.


Geary is an open source email client. ($24,950 of $100,000; 12 days remain)

Monster Tome is a project to create 20 public domain artworks of unusual monsters suggested by the backers. ($295 of $4,300; 18 days to go)

The OpenShot Video Editor has shot through its goal, and has some stretch goals. ($31,740 of $20,000; 4 days remain)

Save the Public Domain Review! ($14,409 of $20,000; 17 days to go)

Justin, the creator of a free culture boardgame called To the Barricades, is asking for support to help him take art classes – and will create art in exchange. (free culture or free software licences of your choosing)

The Free Software Foundation is still running a membership drive. They made their $350,000 goal, but are still looking for about a hundred new members.

It may surprise you to learn that the open source Death Star project did not raise its £20,000,000 goal.


An index of Dungeon World content.

The League of Moveable Type collects well-made typefaces and presents them artfully. (Libre licences)

Number Appearing is a resource for the Dungeon World tabletop game. (CC BY)

To the Barricades is a boardgame about a face-off between radicals and the police. (CC BY-SA)

MediaGoblin lets you host your own media. (GNU AGPL)

The Hill Productions are an indie film company. (CC BY)


Open States, where you can view US legislation. (CC BY) 

Triangle Wiki, a wiki about the Triangle region. (CC BY) 

Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom, Stephen Kinsella’s libertarian blog. (CC0) 

Rad Geek People’s Daily, the ‘official state media for a secessionist republic of one.’ (CC BY) 

Open Food Facts, a database of nutritional data. (ODBL, CC BY-SA, DBLC) 

Stanford Engineering Everywhere, including a three course introduction to computer science and seven more advanced courses. (CC BY) 

The School of Open, a series of courses about open practices like editing Wikipedia. (CC BY-SA) 

Global Voices, a network of bloggers in many languages. (CC BY) 

La Cura, an Open Source Code, an open data project on brain cancer. (CC BY) 

zero-project, a collection of musical compositions, audiobooks and songs. (CC BY) 

Open Compute Project, a computing infrastructure program spearheaded by Facebook. (CC BY, CC BY-SA and OWFa) 

Open Science Federation, a nonprofit alliance focused on improving science. (PD) 

Constructs of Innocence in Selected Works of Cyberpunk, a Masters thesis dedicated to Aaron Swartz. (CC BY-SA) 

GIMP Magazine, a publication to promote GIMP and related OSS. (CC BY-SA) 

The Libertarian Standard, a blog. (CC BY) 

Boundless, textbooks. (CC BY, CC BY-SA) 

OpenTextBookStore, textbooks under libre and proprietary licences. (CC BY to CC BY-NC-SA) 

Open Course Library, education materials for 81 high-enrolment college courses. (CC BY), a collection of scanned journal articles. (PD or all rights reserved) 

ORBIT, Cambridge University OER (CC BY-SA or CC BY-NC – it’s unclear)

OER@AVU, academic material from African universities. (CC BY-SA)

OER Knowledge Cloud, UNESCO’s collection of information. (CC BY)

K-12 Tech Tools is a collection of kid-safe online resources. (CC BY-SA)

A Mathematical Way to Think about Biology (CC BY-SA).

mathispower4u has over 2,600 video mini-lessons. (CC BY)

An Anarchist FAQ (GNU FDL)

Shareable Works

No Straight Lines, about the design problems of our complex world. (CC BY-NC-SA) 

Ghost Lines, a three-page tabletop RPG set in a post-apocalyptic, spirit-haunted world. (CC BY-NC-SA) 

Mobile Frame Zero, a miniatures game with robot squads made of LEGO. (CC BY-NC-SA) 

Mythender, a tabletop RPG about fighting the gods. (CC BY-NC) 

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard, a documentary about the court case against The Pirate Bay. (CC BY-NC-SA and a slightly longer version under CC BY-NC-ND) 

Hyperbole and a Half, a simply drawn comic of reminiscences. (CC BY-NC-ND) 

Theatre Is Evil, an album from Amanda Palmer. (CC BY-NC-SA) 

A Story of Healing, the first CC licensed Academy Award winning film. (CC BY-NC-ND) 

#littlesecretfilm, a film project where people create films to particular rules. (CC BY-NC-ND) 

The International Free and Open Source Software Law Book. (CC BY-ND) 

New Media Rights provides educational material about the law. (CC BY-NC)

What is a Roleplaying Game is a roleplaying game, and an explanation of them. (CC BY-NC)

Two-Page Space is a complete d20 sci-fi RPG. (CC BY-NC-SA)

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