FOSsil Bank Update (12 May 2013)

Posted on 12 May 2013


Hi folks,Another few weeks, another FOSsil Bank Update. As always, please get in touch if you’ve found any libre or shareable content and I’ll chuck it on the wiki.


Chip in a few dollars a month to support The League of Moveable Type. (All fonts under the SIL OFL)

It’s not funding, but it’s another way that you can contribute: playtest the tabletop RPG Five by Five, now in its third edition. (CC BY-SA)

The Software Freedom Conservancy is running a fundraising campaign to develop an open source non-profit accounting software. ($10,224/$75,000)

The Green Meme online organising handbook completed its funding. (CC BY; $3,976/$2,200)

t.b.d. is a TV miniseries about twenty-somethings in a conflicted Midwest town. (CC BY-SA; 6 days left; $166/$5,000)

The Lyrical Truth was a project to create a dark musical about domestic violence and drug abuse. Unfortunately, it didn’t fund. (CC BY-SA; $224/$15,000)

Geary is an open source email client. Unfortunately it didn’t make its goal. ($50,860 of $100,000)

Monster Tome is a project to create 20 public domain artworks of unusual monsters suggested by the backers. Unfortunately, it didn’t make its goal ($1,060 of $4,300)

The OpenShot Video Editor shot through its goal. ($45,028 of $20,000)

The Public Domain Review was saved! ($22,070 of $20,000)

Justin, the creator of the free culture boardgame To the Barricades, is asking for support to help him take art classes – and will create art in exchange. (free culture or free software licences of your choosing)


Earn $30 by writing an adventure for the libre tabletop RPG Critical!: Go Westerly.

Two Google groups have popped up: The Free Culture Foundation and CC BY-SA

Libre Works

The boardgame To the Barricades now has a playtest version available. (CC BY-SA)

RPG retroclone Swords & Wizardry has an SRD provided by the same people behind the Pathfinder SRD. (OGL)

The Open Knowledge Foundation has put together The Open Book, a crowdsourced publication that introduces the global open movement. (CC BY)

The Pathfinder SRD is a massive undertaking that warrants its own section. (OGL)

The Digital Public Library launched last month. (CC BY)

Jeff Preston is an artist who created the 108 Terrible Character Portraits. (CC BY)

Envisioning Technology is a futurist studio. (CC BY-SA)

Open the Future is a futurism blog. (CC BY-SA) is a shifting art installation. It was available for download but that feature has been removed. (CC BY-SA)

One Shot is a tabletop RPG of sacrifice and vengeance. (CC BY-SA)

Interactivities Ink has a bevy of games you can download. (CC BY-SA)

The Italian Constitutional Court is experimenting with open data. (CC BY-SA)

Super Repo is another game from Teapot Dome Games, this one about people with superpowers who work mundane jobs. (CC BY)

I was sure I already had a page for Awen, but I couldn’t find it. It’s a charming fantasy game. (Public domain)

The Software Freedom Conservancy’s site is libre (CC BY-SA)

The website for the Midgard RPG went down, but because it’s under a libre licence we can preserve it. (CC BY-SA)

Elevation of Privilege is an original deck of cards and a game to play with those cards created by Microsoft. (CC BY)

Tenpenny Joke is no longer on Jamendo, but thanks to the Internet Archive we can still enjoy their music. (CC BY-SA)

The entirety of The Wealth of Commons is finally available online. (CC BY-SA)

QuadSystem is an RPG created for a recent contest. (CC BY)

I went to some effort to list which Piecepack games are under which public copyright licence. (PD, GNU FDL, CC BY-NC-SA)

Non-free Shareable Works

BrickQuest is fantasy boardgaming in an ABS (Lego) universe. (CC BY-NC-SA)

Threshold is a tabletop RPG of tragic superheroes inspired by Otherkind. (CC BY-NC-SA)

Leviathans is a steampunk vehicle miniatures game. (CC BY-NC-SA)

Aetherverse is a sci-fi miniatures game. (CC BY-NC-SA)

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