A Free, Libre and Open Glossary

Posted on 7 July 2013


What’s the difference between open source and crowdsourcing?

Why does free software cost money?

How can a work be under an open knowledge licence yet not be open knowledge?

My boss talked about ‘open sourcing’ suggestions when he meant ‘crowdsourcing’. That, and the discussion on the OKFN discussion list about cleaning up the various free, libre and open Wikipedia pages inspired me to sit down this afternoon and write this: A Free, Libre and Open Glossary.

It’s 14 pages and 5,000 words, but the FLO part is only 2,000 – the rest is the context in which FLO exists/what FLO is not.

I’d love your feedback. I turned off editing because I’d like a single authorial voice running throughout the document, but please do send emails and leave comments on the Google Doc:


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