FOSsil Bank Update (31 August)

Posted on 31 August 2013


Well, it’s been a long time since the last update! There’s a lot of stuff this time, and it’s heavily skewed towards free, libre and open (because that’s the content that I can be bothered creating entries for).

Brief Survey

Hi folks,

I’d appreciate it if you could answer these two questions for me – either on this list, or email directly to me.

  1. What is stopping you from contributing to FOSsil Bank?
    When I set up the FOSsil Bank, I expected members of the community to contribute to the catalogue. After a few years, about 99% of the 1000+ entries were added by me. I don’t resent this, but I’d like to get more involvement from others.

  2. Does having the raw links instead of hyperlinks change your experience?
    It’s a bit faster for me to copy-paste the URL rather than set up a hyperlink. But if that reduces readability, I’ll change back.


Tupi is 2D animation software on Kickstarter. (GNU GPL; 26 days to go; $1,939/$30,000):

App-Make-inator from Lunduke is on Bountysource. (GNU GPL; 25 days to go; $248/$3,500):

Josh Woodward is on Patreon. He’s already created two songs, and we could always do with more! (CC BY; $202.65/song):

Stick’s Masterpiece sadly failed to fund on Kickstarter. However, you can buy it from their website. (CC BY-SA; $2,129/$7,700):;

Terry Hancock’s Lunatics pilot episode sadly failed to fund on Kickstarter. (CC BY-SA; $2,081/$42,000):

The Open Bundle was successfully funded. ($12,088/$10,000)

Librivox’s fundraising drive is over, but they could always use more!

The second Future of Copyright Contest on IndieGoGo made it. (CC BY-SA; $1,056/$500)

Data Dealer is an online game about collecting and selling personal data. It was successful (CC BY-SA; $28,720/$50,362)

New Free, Libre and Open Works

My Projects

A Free, Libre and Open Glossary (CC BY-SA):

Future of Copyright 2.0 is a collection of fiction and non-fiction on copyright; I submitted a short story (CC BY-SA):

Music and Radio

TINT is a sports podcast (CC BY-SA):

Doug Whitfield is a free culture advocate, host of TINT and a photographer (CC BY-SA):

Copyleft Song is a metal song about why libre is so important (CC BY-SA):

Jonathan Coulton’s only free/libre/open song, Wikipedia Chanukah, is a reading of the Wikipedia article (CC BY-SA):

Unseen Studio is a podcast network promoting Creative Commons culture and open source software (plays libre and proprietary music):

CC-licensed music, 24/7 with RynoTheBearded (plays libre and proprietary music):

CCHits plays Creative Commons music based on public preferences (libre and proprietary):

Rathole Radio is a fortnightly Internet radio show (CC BY-SA):

MMO is a catchy band (CC BY-SA):


The Foundations for an Open Source City is a book on how Raleigh, NC, became an ‘open source city’. (CC BY-SA):

Diagonal is a Spanish language periodical (CC BY-SA):

The Data Journalism Handbook is now available in French, Spanish and Russian (CC BY-SA):

OpenChem is an entire chemistry curriculum (CC BY-SA):

New Education Highway is a non-profit working with OER and local educators (CC BY):

A discussion of OER in Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning (CC BY-SA):

Choosing an OSS License Doesn’t Need to be Scary is a Github initiative (CC BY):

Right to Music advocates for free, fair and independent music (CC BY-SA):

Lawrence Liang is a lawyer who has writtten about free culture (CC BY; CC BY-NC-SA):

He wrote A Guide to Open Content Licenses (CC BY-NC-SA):

The Australian Census data from 2011 (CC BY):

Trolling Effects is a resource for those sued by patent trolls (CC BY):

Film and Video

The Nordic CC Film Festival highlights a lot of terrific films (all CC licences):

Living Room is a musical stop-motion short film about the secret life of chewing gum (CC BY-SA):

Free Fall is a short film about a boy who dreams of being an astronaut (CC BY):

Deconstructing Masculinity is a film about gender norms (CC BY-SA):

Las Calles Hablan is a movie about Barcelona street art (CC BY-SA):

A documentary on open programming languages, Hello World (CC BY-SA):

Caminades is a very short and funny animated film about a llama trying to cross a busy road (CC BY):

Big Buck Bunny Loves Creative Commons explains why CC is so important (CC BY):

Tube is the first independent Blender movie (CC BY):

Art and Literature

Successfully ransomed, the Open Game Art Bundle can now be downloaded by any person (CC0):

Photos by Joi Ito and writings from others in (CC BY):

The Brothers Whim create beautiful children’s picture books (CC BY-SA):

The Comic Strip Library is a library of public domain comic strips (public domain):

Hoborg is an experiment in crowdsourced fiction writing (CC BY-SA):


Find free, libre and open replacements to software on Prism Break (GNU GPL): (

The server-side code to the Estonian electronic voting system is available for scrutiny (CC BY-NC-ND):

KA Lite is software that allows Khan Academy videos to be watched offline (MIT License): is a collection of free, libre and open PDF readers (libre):

Electronic Games

Moonshades is a dungeon-crawling computer game you can play online (CC BY):

Bryan Lunduke designs electronic games for a living (GNU GPL, CC BY-SA):

Tabletop Games

E6 is ‘the game inside D&D’; a simpler, low-level-only version of the game (OGL):

A Spark in Fate Core brings collaborative worldbuilding to the Fate roleplaying game (CC BY):

Men of Stones is a Shakespeare-inspired tabletop game (OGL):

Pantheon is a storytelling game about a hero’s journey and the gods (public domain):

Quick-Play is a simple, generic RPG (public domain):

Destiny Dice mixes up the dice used in the Fate RPG (CC BY):

Weird World is an RPG based on Apocalypse World (CC BY-SA):

Beyond Belief Games has converted Swords & Wizardry to other settings (OGL):

Phantom 52 is a supernatural RPG (CC BY-SA):

Johnstone Metzger has written books for the Dungeon World RPG (CC BY-SA; CC BY-NC):


The Accessible Icon Symbol would like to use a more dynamic disabled access symbol (CC BY-NC-SA):

Ampersand is a political, progressive comic (CC BY-NC-SA):

Autodesk has licensed its support (CC BY-NC-ND; CC BY-NC-SA):

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