FOSsil Bank Update (22 September 2013)

Posted on 22 September 2013


Back to more regular updates!

Brief Survey

I didn’t get a lot of responses to the first question last time, so if you missed it please tackle it for me:

What is stopping you from contributing to FOSsil Bank?
When I set up the FOSsil Bank, I expected members of the community to contribute to the catalogue. After a few years, about 99% of the 1000+ entries were added by me. I don’t resent this, but I’d like to get more involvement from others.


Open Well-Tempered Clavier – Ba©h to Bach is a project to score and record Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier (48 days left; $11,865/$30,000):

Set Chopin Free will record that composer’s entire corpus and return it to the public domain ($79,971/$75,000; 28 days left):

Grim World successfully funded – it’s a resource for libre tabletop RPG Dungeon World (text is CC BY; $22,050/$5,000):

0 A.D. is an RTS that’s been under development for some time (29 days left; $17,380/$160,000 – flexible funding):

Replicant is a fully free Android distro that could use some support:

apngasm is a project to create tools that animate PNG files to replace proprietary GIFs – successfully funded ($10,433/$5,000):

Deck of Legends is a beautiful deck of illustrated cards that successfully funded (images are CC BY-SA; $12,005/$2,500):

Conquering Corsairs of the Seven Seas is a card game that successfully funded (images are CC BY-SA; $9,241/$7,500):

mailpile is a web-mail program you can run on your own computer – successfully funded ($163,192/$100,000)

Tupi is 2D animation software on Kickstarter. (GNU GPL; 4 days to go; $4,277/$30,000):

App-Make-inator from Lunduke is on Bountysource. (GNU GPL; 3 days to go; $433/$3,500):

Libre works

I’ve split off audio works from musical ones:

Hacker Public Radio is a weekly Internet radio show (CC BY-SA):

National Repository of Open Educational Resources is an Indian government resource (CC BY-SA):

The Getty hosts thousands of public domain images:

Free Knowledge Based on Creative Commons Licenses is about the consequences of using the NonCommercial term (CC BY):

What’s the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing does what it says, and does it well (CC BY-SA):

etcc is a lovely Australian project where artists build on the artworks of others (CC BY):

Tears of Steel (Chinese version) is the Blender short movie redone by Chinese actors in Chinese (CC BY):

Tabletop games

So Now You’re a Time Traveler is a 2-page hack of Cthulhu Dark (CC BY):

AdventureLand is a short RPG for ‘advanced role-players’ (CC BY):

Libre: The Open Source Card Game is a fantasy card game with hints of Magic: The Gathering (CC BY):

Anima Prime has been around for a while, but there’s now a pocket version (CC BY-SA):

The DramaSystem SRD is the engine underneath the Hillfolk tabletop RPG (CC BY, OGL):

Johnstone Metzger’s offerings:

Proprietary shareable works

Brytenwalda is an ancient Britain-themed miniatures game (CC BY-NC-SA):

Vector 3 is a sci-fi tabletop board game (CC BY-NC):

Lasers & Feelings is a 2-page sci-fi RPG by the brilliant John Harper (CC BY-NC-SA):

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