Experiments with EPUB (now featuring: Redbox Hack and Enter the Avenger)

Posted on 8 October 2013


I’ve wanted to create EPUB versions of some free, libre and open RPGs for a while now, and I recently got an Android phone that can run apps that will open EPUBs.

I used Sigil to make EPUB versions of a couple of free, libre and open games: the aging Redbox Hack and the brand new Enter the Avenger. I’ve called them Libre Editions, following on from my Libre Edition of 4C System last year.

I found the process pretty straightforward (I’d already prepared a DOC of Redbox Hack last year, so I just copy-pasted from that). The results don’t look beautiful on either of my EPUB readers (FBReader and CoolReader). I’ve been wondering:

* What’s the deal with tables? There doesn’t seem to be a ‘create table’ option in Sigil.
* Is it worth fussing about how the EPUB displays on the readers? For example, neither of them seem to recognise italics. That’s a problem on their end; is it worth me trying to fix it on my end?
* Likewise, CoolReader starts a new page before every heading – which really sucks when, for example, every class talent is on a new page. Do I leave people to change their reader settings/switch readers, or do I fiddle around trying to fix it myself?

Anyway, enjoy the EPUBs and let me know what you think.

Enter the Avenger
Redbox Hack

(Also, I’d be interested to hear about other EPUBs for free, libre and open games. I know that’s one way Mist-Robed Gate was distributed. There’s a Dungeon World EPUB floating around, but I don’t think that it’s up to date.)—

Originally posted on Story-Games.com. Posted here mostly for archival purposes, but do feel free to comment.

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