FOSsil Bank Update (8 October 2013)

Posted on 8 October 2013


Hi folks,

Here’s another update for you.


I’m particularly chuffed to see others start to pick up the #FundFreeCulture hashtag on Twitter. Not many others, to be honest, but some!

Newly spotted

Underground Meats is going to share (in the public domain) the complex (but exciting!) process of becoming a USDA-certified meat processor. Plus, $24 gets you a salami! (4 days left; $42,693/$40,000)

They’re making a second episode of the comedic short film Caminandes, and you can get a copy for about 25 euro (early bird discount till 12 October; CC BY):

Free the Monsters is an IndieGoGo campaign to release concept art and 3D models (CC BY-SA; 17 days left; $1,275/$1,375 – flexible funding):

Picture book Stick’s Masterpiece is available from (CC BY-SA; $13; $2 on Kindle):

You can patronise Rafu on Patreon – he makes FLO tabletop RPGs (like Enter the Avenger, listed below):

You can also buy the mostly non-FLO magazine Words Without Master issue 1, and one of your four dollars goes to Rafu:

You can buy a GNU branded travel mug and support the Free Software Foundation. Guaranteed to impress members of the general public ($25):


Open Well-Tempered Clavier – Ba©h to Bach is a project to score and record Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier – including stretch goals to make the scores accessible to the blind (31 days left; $31,127/$30,000):

Set Chopin Free will record that composer’s entire corpus and return it to the public domain ($80,442/$75,000; 12 days left):

0 A.D. is an RTS that’s been under development for some time. They’ve updated their page (29 days left; $123,142/$160,000 – flexible funding):

App-Make-inator from Lunduke is on Bountysource. (GNU GPL; 8 days to go; $433/$3,500):


Tupi is 2D animation software on Kickstarter that was unsuccessful. (GNU GPL; $4,299/$30,000):

FLO Works

The Dictionary of Sydney has some FLO entries (CC BY-SA):

Pixabay is a photo site (CC0):

Eyewriter is a public domain system that allows people to draw using only their eyes (public domain):

Teaching Copyright

Smartcopying is an official guide to copyright issues for Australian educational institutions (CC BY-SA):

All Right to Copy? is a tool from Smartcopying to teach students about copyright (CC BY-SA):

The Electronic Frontiers Foundation does great education and activist work (CC BY):

Teaching Copyright is the EFF’s curriculum on digital rights (CC BY):

Free to Mix is a guide from the NZ government on what you can legally remix (CC BY):


Project N is a light novel, to become the script for a manga (GPL):

Emily C O’Leary has written poems, essays and short stories (CC BY-SA):

The SCP Foundation is an X-Files like collective fiction project (CC BY-SA):

Tabletop Games

Rookvale is a tabletop RPG with cinematic tactical combat (with demons) (CC BY-SA):

The d100II SRD allows you to play old d100 games (OGL):

The Traveller RPG has a few HTML versions of the game (OGL):

Enter the Avenger is a short and simple swords & sorcery RPG (CC BY-SA):


Created a new genre for this:

And I suppose this is as good a time as any to reiterate that while the FOSsil Bank exercises some mild curatorial discretion with regards to the quality of entries (the rule is basically: ‘If you can be bothered adding it to the wiki, it’s probably noteworthy enough/complete enough/good enough to stay there’), it does not examine or endorse the pages that it links to. Some may contain graphic, adult or offensive content.


The Flickr photos of suicidegirls are/were free culture (CC BY):

Freedom Porn is a wiki for amateurs interested in ‘ethical’ porn and radical politics (CC BY-SA):

Proprietary Shareable Works

The Wu Ming Foundation is literature written by a collective, in English or Italian (CC BY-NC-SA):

Mashup Breakdown shows where the samples in Girl Talk’s music come from (CC BY-NC):

Feeding the City is a study of the poor of Mumbai (CC BY-ND):

Shared Creations is a book about making use of Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA):

The Good Girl is a 20-minute long pornographic film (CC BY-NC-ND):

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