FOSsil Bank Update (26 October 2013)

Posted on 26 October 2013


Hi folks,

Here’s another update for you.


If you spot chances to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

Newly spotted

Angel is the first open source sensor for health and fitness, and it’s on IndieGoGo! ($236,506/$100,000; 7 days left):

Alessandro of unPlayable Games is on Patreon. $3 gets you access to all his games (CC BY or BY-SA):

Show some love to Plee the Bear, a platform game. (GNU GPL and CC BY-SA; €476.79/€1112.79)


They’re making a second episode of the comedic short film Caminandes

Open Well-Tempered Clavier – Ba©h to Bach is a project to score and record Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier – including stretch goals to make the scores accessible to the blind (14 days left; $35,550/$30,000):

App-Make-inator from Lunduke is on Bountysource. (GNU GPL; 5 hours to go; $488/$3,500):


Underground Meats funded successfully. (public domain; $49,141/$40,000)

Free the Monsters is an IndieGoGo campaign to release concept art and 3D models that did not reach its goal (CC BY-SA; $1,641/$5,000 – flexible funding):

Set Chopin Free reached its goal (public domain; $92,452/$75,000):

0 A.D. is an RTS that’s been under development for some time. ($33,251/$160,000 – flexible funding):

FLO Works

Tabletop Games

I made EPUB versions of a few FLO RPGs:

DramaSystem SRD (OGL, CC BY):

Enter the Avenger (CC BY-SA):

Redbox Hack (declaration):

Pelgrane Press is a tabletop RPG company. (OGL, CC BY):

They’ve released the System Reference Document for 13th Age, a ‘love letter’ to Dungeons & Dragons 3rd and 4th editions. (OGL):

They’re released the System Reference Document for GUMSHOE, a tabletop RPG. (CC BY, OGL):

Uncharted Worlds is a space opera RPG based on the Apocalypse World game. (CC BY-SA):

Mazes & Perils is a retroclone tabletop RPG. (OGL):

For Gold & Glory is a retroclone tabletop RPG based on Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition. A gratis, third party version is available on Lulu. (OGL):

Fate System Toolkit is a set of options and advice for the Fate roleplaying game. (OGL, CC BY):

unPlayable Games makes tabletop RPGs, and you can back them on Patreon. (CC BY-SA):

Nameless Horror is a horror RPG without a name. (CC BY):

Ghosts is an older RPG by Jason Morningstar, but since the PDF is no longer available I’m now hosting it. (CC BY):

Rafu is a game designer who you can support on Patreon. (CC BY, CC BY-SA):


Wealth Inequality in America is an informative video about what people expect the gap between rich and poor to be, and what it actually is. (CC0):

Poetics for Cosmonauts is a book of poems. (CC BY-SA):

Arduino is a circuit board company but I’m not sure of the extent of their FLO licensing. (CC BY-SA):

Al Jazeera has released quality video footage. (CC BY):

Many Uncensored Interview interviews are licensed. (CC BY):

Behance is an Adobe project that hosts artists’ portfolios. All CC licences are available, and there is no way to sort by licence used. I have suggested this as a feature – maybe you should too. (The rate of FLO licensing is very low). (all CC):

Solitudes & Silence is a fantasy novel. The site is down so I am rehosting on the FOSsil Bank wiki. (CC BY-SA and an in-house licence):

Proprietary Shareable Works

Bloomsbury Academic publishes non-fiction. (CC BY-NC, an in-house licence I haven’t examined):

Copyright and Creation is a report from the London School of Economic and Political Science which found that online sharing does not reduce creator profits. (CC BY-NC):

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