FOSsil Bank Update (7 December)

Posted on 7 December 2013


A longer delay between updates than I usually like to leave it, partly because I finished writing and submitted my Honours thesis – 13,000 words on a proposed copyright reform. I’m looking into how I can share it with everyone.


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

Newly spotted

The Public Domain Review Store has launched! Buy posters and prints taken (and usually adapted) from public domain works (prices start at around $21):

Linux Voice is a new magazine about everyone’s favourite operating system from much of the team behind Linux Format; after nine months, all content from an issue will be CC BY-SA licensed (17 days to go; £81,893/£90,000):

RK3: The Third Verse is an adventure module for the Dungeon World tabletop roleplaying game. The text is CC BY-SA; layout and art is proprietary. ($6 PDF, $14 hardcopy)


Alessandro of unPlayable Games is on Patreon. $3 gets you access to all his games (CC BY or BY-SA):

Show some love to Plee the Bear, a platform game. (GNU GPL and CC BY-SA; €476.79/€1112.79)


Synfig Studio is free and open source animation software ($1,175/$1,120; successfully funded):

The Homebrew Computer Club Reunion didn’t make its stretch goal, so it looks like photos from a professional photographer won’t be CC BY licensed ($28,026/$16,000; successfully funded):

Angel is the first open source sensor for health and fitness, and it’s on IndieGoGo! ($334,521/$100,000; successfully funded):

Open Well-Tempered Clavier – Ba©h to Bach is a project to score and record Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier – including stretch goals to make the scores accessible to the blind ($44,083/$30,000; successfully concluded):

App-Make-inator from Lunduke is on Bountysource. (GNU GPL; $488/$3,500; flexible funding):

Living Libre Updates

I’ve blogged a bit and hope to do so more regularly from now on.

‘Bespoke Copyright’ or ‘Shareable Society’ were my two suggestions of a sister brand to Creative Commons. The idea is that CC could ‘gift’ the non-free, libre and open licences to a sister brand, leaving the Creative Commons brand for just CC0, CC BY and CC BY-SA (those licences that contribute to a single creative commons):

Which Parts of Creative Commons #giveopen List are Actually Free, Libre and Open? I go through each suggestion and describe whether (and to what extent) it is FLO licensed. Four of the ten gift suggestions are:

Which Parts of ‘Ultimate Open Source Gift Guide’ are Actually Free, Libre and Open? As with Creative Commons above. About six to eight of the twenty suggestions are; it’s complicated by the fact that a few are hybrids with a combination of FLO and proprietary content:

A Truly Free, Libre and Open Gift Guide – First Notes is my collection of brief notes on twenty three products you can buy that are either FLO in their entirety or are a hybrid of FLO and proprietary content:

New FLO Content on the FOSsil Bank


RecordAGrave is a website that hosts photographs of and data from gravesites (CC BY):

Right2Remix is a website that advocates for legal remixing (CC BY-SA):

Australian Digital Alliance is a body founded by former Chief Justice of the Australian High Court Anthony Mason to provide a ‘balanced voice’ in copyright discussions – and is currently pushing for fair use reforms here (CC BY):

#COPYWRONG is a website that shows facts about how Australian copyright law is out of touch with current practice (CC BY):

Creationistas is a lobbying site in favour of fair use (CC BY):

Saga Machine is a tabletop RPG (OGL):

Renaissance is a tabletop RPG for playing in the age of blackpowder weapons (OGL):

Techdirt is a tech news site with a – sadly vague – annoucement that people are free to use their articles however they like:

Tabletop games

Conquering Corsairs is a deckbuilding card game under CC BY-NC; the art is CC BY-SA and hosted by the Prismatic Art Collection. It has a nautical theme; the PDF is gratis but hardcopies are available for purchase:

Group Works is a deck of cards that can be used to spice up meetings and other collections of humans (CC BY-SA):

Daring Adventures is a tabletop RPG of quick, no-prep superhero roleplaying. (CC BY-SA):

Unlikely Treasures 1 is a PDF of treasures for dungeoncrawling tabletop RPGs (CC BY-SA):

Codename: Spandex is a clone of Golden Heroes, an out-of-print superhero tabletop RPG (public domain):

Quest-ions is a short fantasy tabletop roleplaying game with a novelty token mechanic (CC BY-SA):

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is an extensive tabletop RPG (OGL):


Subaqueous is a solo music project to creative progressive mid tempo and dance music. The musician (Isaac Cotec) sells a USB, the samples, stems and instruments on which are CC BY-SA licensed:

The art assets of 2D MMORPG Glitch are now public domain. Some really lovely stuff here:

Defying his or her name, Lazy_bastard has made a lot of improvements to the Arduino page (CC BY-SA, GNU GPL and LGPL):

Contraptor is a DIY hardware set (CC BY-SA):

New Proprietary Shareable Content on the FOSsil Bank

Phylo is a crowdsourced, transparently developed card game that tries to correct that fact that children know more about Pokemon than about real-world animals. CC BY-NC-ND or CC BY-NC-SA (conflicting reports):

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