Grim Portents 2, Grim Portents 3 and the Dungeon World Compendium

Posted on 7 December 2013


Hi folks,

I thought I should give a quick update: Grim Portents 2 is in layout. I am interested in continuing the Grim Portents series, but in a different way (which I’ll explain at the bottom of the post).

In the meantime, I’d also like to set up a database of public domain, Creative Commons Attribution and CC Attribution-ShareAlike licensed Dungeon World content. I’d like a website to generate its content from this database.

For example, the Paladin would be an entry in the database. Each of its advanced moves would be an entry in the database too. The website would compile all the Paladin advanced moves into a list on the Paladin webpage. This would include any moves created by third parties, although they’d be marked as such and include a link to their original source. Adding new Paladin moves would be as easy as creating a new entry in the database. Every Paladin name, look, bond, etc., would also be an entry in the database. The Paladin webpage would thus be a complete source of all content created for the Paladin (provided the creators consented to include it in the database).

One advantage of this is that it would be trivially easy to create other lists – for example, a list of all Human names that combined those of every class.

I envisage one source of content for the database would be a blog called the Dungeon World Drip. It would publish (hopefully daily) content for Dungeon World that would be immediately added to the database (and, therefore, the compilation website).

Grim Portents would then be a semi-regular compilation of the best material published in the database.

I’m happy to start populating a database with content, but I need your advice:

  • Are you interested in a project like this?
  • Is there existing software (preferably free and open source) that can do this?


EDIT: The obvious inspiration here is the Pathfinder SRD. One thing I like about that project is the ads that support Pathfinder publishers – giving them an incentive to contribute to the database. I’d like to do something similar with the DW Compendium

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