FOSsil Bank Update (25 February 2014)

Posted on 25 February 2014


It’s been two and a half months, so there’s quite an amount of updates stored up. I’ve splitted this update in two – I’ll post the second half next week.

Thanks to Leonard Kirke who identified several CC0 works and sources to be added to the FOSsil Bank. Remember that you can always send me details of libre works that are missing from the FOSsil Bank if you don’t feel comfortable adding them yourself.

In a review of 2013 in tabletop gaming, open licensing got a mention:


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

 I tweet from

 @crowdfundFLOSS is a Twitter account that posts about crowdfunding libre software:

The Patreon page on the FOSsil Bank collects Patreon projects with a #FundFreeCulture component – whether that’s the entire work, or text only:

Since the last update:

The #FundFreeCulture page collects free, libre and open sources and works that are – in some way – for sale or use donations as a funding model:


Powers For Good is a new superhero tabletop RPG from Sage Latorra (one of the people behind Dungeon World, a popular libre RPG) (pay what you want, including nothing):

Shattered Time is an open source computer RPG on Kickstarter (CC BY; Apache) (10 days left, $2,348/$100,000):

Internet Archive had a December fundraising drive, but you can still donate now:

Frustrated by ‘open’ gift guides that included CC ND and NC works (or downright all rights reserved ones!) I created a free, libre and open gift guide:


The Public Domain Review Store is operating! Buy posters and prints taken (and usually adapted) from public domain works (prices start at around $21):

RK3: The Third Verse is an adventure module for the Dungeon World tabletop roleplaying game. The text is CC BY-SA; layout and art is proprietary. ($6 PDF, $14 hardcopy)


Linux Voice is a new magazine about everyone’s favourite operating system from much of the team behind Linux Format; after nine months, all content from an issue will be CC BY-SA licensed (successfully funded; £127,603/£90,000):

Revenge of the Cats is an oddly named experimental FPS (GPL, CC BY 4.0) (successfully funded; $1697/$1500):

Libre works and sources

Jono Bacon runs Wired magazine, is involved in Ubuntu and is a member of the band Severed Fifth (CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC-SA, among others):


Severed Fifth is a heavy metal band including Jono Bacon, that has released three albums (CC BY-SA):

Give Life Back to Music is the first public domain music label (Public Domain Mark):

Season of Gratitude is a collection of Christmas songs from remix website ccMixter (CC BY-NC-SA, CC BY-NC, CC BY):

Free! Music! Sampler is a collection of 36 songs under Creative Commons licences, of which 13 are libre:


The Peeragogy Handbook describes a system for collaborative learning and collaborative work (CC0):

Copyright Week is an information campaign from EFF about problems with copyright (CC BY):

WikiPremed MCAT Course aims to lower the financial barriers to becoming a doctor and improve the quality of MCAT review (CC BY-SA):

The First 100 Days of Government is Australia’s Abbott Government’s description of its accomplishments (CC BY):

OERu is a collection of online courses offered by world-class institutions (CC BY):

Oil Contracts is a >200 page book on how oil contracts work (CC BY-SA):

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