FOSsil Bank Update, 29 May 2014

Posted on 29 May 2014


Hi folks,

Another FOSsil Bank update. As always, if you spot free, libre and open works do let me know!


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

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The #FundFreeCulture page collects free, libre and open sources and works that are – in some way – for sale or use donations as a funding model:


Via unglue,it, you can buy an ebook copy of John Sundman’s Biodigital, a sci-fi novel. It will be CC BY-SA licensed in April 2016 at the latest – but every ebook purchased brings that unlocking date earlier ($19,093 to go):

Via, you can download sci-fi novel Green Comet for free – or make a donation in thanks (CC BY-SA):

Via, you can download The Classic Short Story, 1870-1925, a monograph, for free – or make a donation in thanks (CC BY):

Via, you can download The Digital Public Domain for free – or make a donation in thanks (CC BY):

Sorry you missed the Wuffle Year 2 pre-order? You can order a signed copy of Year 1 (CC0) from the Wuffle store:

On Patreon, creator Bart Kelsey is looking for support to improve content curation on the site (a terrific resource for game assets and art) (range of FLO licences):

On Patreon, artist and designer Daniel Solis is creating icon sets for tabletop games (CC BY):

On Patreon, illustrator John M Sheldon is creating high quality genre illustrations for authors and small publishers (CC BY):

On Patreon, artist David Revoy (you may recognise his concept art for the Blender films) is creating cute fantasy comics (CC BY):


Remember there’s a list of FLO Patreon projects here:


Shattered Time is an open source computer RPG on Kickstarter. It did not make its target – but the creator launched Chronicles of the Rift, an alternative (CC BY; Apache) ($2,836/$100,000):

Chronicles of the Rift is an open source computer RPG on Kickstarter. It made its ($1) target. (presumably CC BY; Apache) ($631/$1):

Wuffle, the Big Nice Wolf: Year 2, a full colour comic on IndieGoGo made its target (CC0) ($10,316/$4,800):

Josh Woodward‘s new CD, The Beautiful Machine, is available in hardcopy (CC BY) ($4,723/$1,000):

Open Source Beehives are 3D-printable beehives aiming to help bees survive by making keeping bees easier (CC BY-SA) ($63,057/$20,000):

The Digital Comics Museum held a fundraiser where donors could access the public domain comics via FTP. That has ended, but you can still donate:,5383.0.html

The RationalWiki fundraising drive has ended, but you can still donate to support it (CC BY-SA):

Nothing to Hide, the game where you are complicit in your own surveillance, was successfully funded (CC0) ($43,400/$40,000):

Project Gooseberry, the latest Blender Foundation movie – and their first attempt at a feature-length film, is an absurdist animation about Michel the Sheep (CC BY) ($362,306/$640,000):



Open Source Beehives are sensor enhanced ‘printable’ beehives (CC BY-SA):

On OSVehicle, you can download car designs (CC BY-SA):

Software, Electronic Games, Fonts

Some of the 60 submissions to the Public Domain Game Design Jam were CC0 licensed (CC0):

Jagannatha is a font to encode the Odia script in Unicode (SIL OFL):

Comic Neue is an elegant take on Comic Sans (CC0):

Nothing to Hide is an “anti-stealth” computer game where you are complicit in your own surveillance (CC0):


I’m Fresh You’re Pretty make some pretty good music over at Jamendo (CC BY):


The (un)Common Adventure Gallery has some great – and quirky – art (CC BY):

Vector and raster dice icons (CC BY):

David Revoy‘s page now has a list of his works and the licence that they’re under (CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC-SA, CC BY-NC-ND):

Sunspot make some cool music (CC BY-SA):

audionautix supplies free production music (CC BY):

Dan-O offers free, original music (CC BY):

Tabletop Games

The Carnival of Dreams is a Swords Without Master adventure (CC BY):

My Dungeon World zine Grim Portents has released issue 2, and it’s switched to be primarily a blog publishing content every second day (CC BY or CC BY-SA):

Open Adventure is a tabletop adventure game, in beta, which caters for medieval and science fiction gaming (CC BY-SA):

A pretty, gratis PDF of the tabletop RPG 13th Age was released (OGL): is a Dungeon World database with gaming content (range of licences and none):

The Lands of the Dead is a work-in-progress book for Dungeon World players (CC BY-SA):

The Devil, John Moulton is a game about demon-summoning outlaws in the Wild West (CC BY):


Entropy of Imagination is a novel about the Internet (CC BY-SA):

Green Comet is a science fiction novel (CC BY-SA):

A Vessel for Offering is hardboiled pseudo-Lovecraftian space noir (CC BY):


The Democracy of Objects is a book arguing for ontology as first philosophy (CC BY-SA):

Design Livre is a Portuguese book about design (CC BY-SA):

A Byte of Python is a book on how to program Python (CC BY-SA):

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation is for US legal citation and is as exciting as it sounds! (CC BY-SA):

Forall X is an introduction to formal logic (CC BY-SA):

Light and Matter is an introductory course textbook (CC BY-SA):

Immersion into Noise is about our relationship with noise, sound and silence (CC BY-SA):

The Open Policy Network launched recently (CC BY):

Open Access EBooks is a chapter on what open access means in the context of ebooks (CC BY):

Jagannatha is an Odia author and academic (CC BY-SA, GNU FDL):

Konkani Vishkawosh is a four-volume encyclopedia in the Konkani language (CC BY-SA):

The Open Library of the Humanities is a PLOS-style open access journal for the humanities (CC BY):

The Classic Short Story, 1870-1925 is a study of how short stories were written and read (CC BY):

Introduction to Economic Analysis is intermediate microeconomics material (CC BY):

Copyright for Librarians is an online curriculum on copyright law (CC BY):

Deep Freeze describes Iceland’s economic collapse (CC BY):

Against Intellectual Property is Stephen Kinsella’s challenge to the notion that intellectual property is compatible with the free market (CC BY):

Code is Larry Lessig’s book on the amorality of the infrastructure of the web (CC BY-SA):

So You Want to Be a Librarian provides information about librarianship as a career (CC BY-SA):

Homotopy Type Theory is a new branch of mathematics (CC BY-SA):


Bugs of Venus is a tabletop RPG based on Lady Blackbird and Death School (CC BY-NC-SA):

VideoLectures.NET records lectures and talks, mostly on computer science (CC BY-NC-ND):

Acts of the Apostles was the second Creative Commons licensed novel ever (CC BY-NC-ND):

Critical Hits is a journal of gamer culture (CC BY-NC-SA):

Genesis of Legend is an RPG publisher (CC BY-NC-ND – but The Spark RPG is going to be CC BY licensed):

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