FOSsil Bank Update (September 2014)

Posted on 21 September 2014


Hi folks,

Another month, another FOSsil Bank update.

Living Libre updates

I’m exploring Semantic MediaWiki (thanks for the tip, Cov!) as the foundation for the next incarnation of the FOSsil Bank. I’m also looking for a new name for the FOSsil Bank – I want its name to explains, at least in part, what the site does. The working title is “Free, Libre and Open Catalogue”, but of course the Bank also has works under non-free licences. Maybe “Catalogue of Shareable Works”? Please share any ideas that you have.


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

I tweet from

The #FundFreeCulture page collects free, libre and open sources and works that are – in some way – for sale or use donations as a funding model:

The Musipiraten is allowing you to pre-order their Free! Music! Contest album. Songs will be Creartive Commons licensed, but not necessarily free/open (€2.50):

When Kenney Land makes its funding goal, 4,000 assets will be released into the public domain (28 days left; $8,364/$40,000; flexible funding):

AXIOM Beta is the world’s first open digital cinema camera (18 days left; €56,609/€100,000; fixed funding):

TeknoAXE is making royalty-free music on Patreon (minimum pledge $1) (CC BY):

OpenFarm is a free and open database that made its funding on Kickstarter (concluded; $24,293/$7,500) (CC BY):

New FOSsil Bank Entries

All are free/open, at least in part.


Not a new entry, but the Lunatics page has been expanded (CC BY-SA):


Intellectual Property: Law and the Information Society is a non-free textbook (CC BY-NC-SA) but comes with a free casebook (CC BY):

Beginning Titan – The Distributed Graph Database is a guide to the Titan database (CC BY):

Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication is a collection of articles around meaningful communication with extraterrestial intelligence (do you think aliens have copyright law?) (CC0):

OpenStax CNX is an open educational resources repository (CC BY):

Understanding Changes in Poverty is an analysis of poverty reduction methods (CC BY):

The GNU C Programming Tutorial is a tutorial for programming in C (GNU FDL):

The Psychology of Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts advances a psychology theory (CC BY):

Tabletop Games

Bedroom Wall Press is a tabletop RPG designer whose works are under the Open Game License or GNU GPL:

100/3 RPG is a percentile-based tabletop RPG on a single page (CC BY-SA):


The Folger Shakespeare Library is a database of tens of thousands of images relating to Shakespeare (CC BY-SA, public domain):

The Internet Archive Book Images project scrapes public domain books in the Internet Archive for artworks (public domain):

Unsplash is a blog that posts high-resolution photos (CC0):


Hack the Bells is a competition to remix the UC Berkeley carillon (CC BY-SA):

Argofox releases royalty-free music (CC BY):

Mixotic is a site that publishes net mixes (CC BY-ND for the mixes themselves, a range of free and non-free licences for the constituent songs):

Vimeo has a feature to search its music store by Creative Commons licence:

FaTony has orchestral music (CC0):

Jonathan Mann has written a song a day. It seems that the songs posted on Bandcamp are CC BY-NC but some posted on YouTube are CC BY:

TeknoAXE is royalty-free music in a variety of genres (CC by):


Farmbot is an engineering project that creates an automated, data-driven farming machine (CC BY):


Brothers Whim book Stick’s Masterpiece is now available in Arabic (CC BY-SA):

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