FOSsil Bank Update – November 2014

Posted on 10 November 2014


Hi folks,

Here’s another FOSsil Bank update.

Big News – Free & Open Works

The big news is that I’m slowly working on creating Free & Open Works, the heir to the FOSsil Bank. Free & Open Works (FAOW) uses Semantic MediaWiki, which allows entries to be submitted by filling in a form, instead of expecting people to use a complicated links-and-tagging system like Wikidot requires. It also has nice touches like being entirely free and open source, allowing redirects, and having a host which is ad-free.

FAOW is limping along, and won’t be ready to go before January, at least. But please do check it out here: I’m keen to know what you think of it, especially if you’re familiar with MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki and might be able to give me a hand.

Because of the upcoming transition to FAOW, new FOSsil Bank entries just have barebones details.

Living Libre updates


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

I tweet from

Mooltipass is an offline FLOSS password keeper. (25 days left; $51,551/$109,112; fixed funding):

Libre Calendar 2015 has 12 artworks from different creators, and money raised goes to them and FLOSS software developers. Art is CC BY. (21 days left; €15 per calendar):

pEp is a project to deliver easy, FLOSS encryption for everyone (16 days left; $41,196/$50,000):

Headshot is a psychological thriller from Has been released under CC BY-SA, you can thank the author ($3 raised so far, from me):

Issues in Open Data discusses the implications of the Panton Principles. CC BY – yet to be released, but successfully funded on (completed; $1,264/$1,200):

Crystal Picnic is a FLOSS action RPG, to be released under a public domain licence. (11 days left; $291/$1,500):

Mike Causey makes game hacks, adventures and game add-ons on Patreon. CC BY-SA. ($47/month so far):

ccMixter is a remix and sample site that’s all CC licensed (not all FLO). They’re doing a fundraising drive to upgrade the site and keep it running. (15 days left; flexible funding; $10,481/$44,444):

No Country for Old Kobolds is a CC BY hack of Dungeon World, a tabletop RPG. Text will be CC BY (concluded; $11,596/$3,500):

Growstuff is an open database for food growers everywhere. (concluded; $6,778/$20,000; flexible funding):

Kenney Land is a game dev place in the Netherlands. (concluded; $10,430/$40,000; flexible funding):

AXIOM Beta is the world’s first open digital cinema camera (concluded; €204,213/€100,000; fixed funding):

New FOSsil Bank Entries

All are free/open, at least in part.

The Infinite Voyager is a website that allows you to explore the media sent into space on the Voyager II discs. (CC0)

Monkaa is a cute short film made in Blender and GIMP and about a monkey that develops superpowers. (CC BY):

Class Warfare is a supplement for tabletop RPG Dungeon World that lets you create your own character classes. (CC BY-SA):

The Open Standard is a new online newspaper from Mozilla. (CC BY-SA):

3D Printed Piecepack is the instructions to create your own 3D-printed piecepack set. (CC BY-SA):

Sketchfab is a website of 3D models for viewing and download. They’ve just started a download section, all of which are under CC licences of one sort or another.

NASA has some great public domain resources.

Material Icons are vector symbols created by Google. (CC BY-SA):

They Vote for You displays the voting records of Australian representatives. (ODB):

The State Library of Queensland has made many of its public domain images available for download in high resolution. (Public domain; CC BY):

Graca’s Dream is a picturebook. (CC BY):

Project: Ballad is a webcomic. (CC BY-SA):

Headshot is a psychological thriller on unglue-it. (CC BY-SA):

Issues in Open Research Data explores the practical and theoretical challenges of open data. (CC BY):

Dark Dungeons has a wiki in the works. (Public domain; OGL):

Obrary is a site for design specifications. (CC BY-SA):

WikiSeat is the design for a seat. (CC BY-SA):

Ficlatte is the replacement to microfiction site Ficly. (CC BY-SA):

Iron Edda is a tabletop roleplaying game with Vikings and mecha. (CC BY-SA):

Skitterphoto posts high resolution public domain photos.

Ways to Practice Responsible Development Data has one of those titles that says it all. (CC BY-SA):