About Us

Libre is important to me. I’ve created this site to convince you that libre is important to you too.

I’m Chris Sakkas, an Australian student who’s passionate about libre and the libre movement. Email me at <sanglorian@gmail.com>!

I don’t care about IT. I can’t tell a distro from a kernel or a GNU from a Fedora. I’ve never compiled code in my life.

There’s only one phenomenon in IT that fascinates me. It’s called open source. Or FLOSS. Or libre. Or free software. Or F/OSS. Whatever the term, it’s about surrendering some of your copyright over a work so that others can share and adapt it. It’s about working with your fans and not against them. It’s about respecting a book’s reader as well as its author; a song’s listener as well as its artist. Read more about it here  <https://livinglibre1.wordpress.com/whats-libre/>.

But because the movement started among hackers and programmers, everyone talks about free software and open operating systems. There’s no community for fans of everything else libre.

I hope that Living Libre will become such a community, for people to share and to talk about free and open stuff: their own works and the works of others. I want you to understand why I care about libre, and I want you to care to. I want to highlight some of the fantastic free and open works available.

I want libre for the masses.

2 Responses “About Us” →

  1. Robert Smith

    31 January 2014

    Oh yeah if you would like to know what are my main self publishing projects.
    There’s two of them, a tabletop rolep!aging game called “Tales of Defenderex,” a “fan-“zine called Whirl Fang, which is an escapist fantasy variety zine.


  2. Robert Smith

    31 January 2014

    I really like your fossilbank wiki site, your Living Libre websites is so awesome!
    I really like to use libre licenses, especially copy left, as part of my self-publishing business.
    you made one of the best wiki sites besides Wikipedia that I have ever been to online.
    thank you for kick starting the libre community!


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