A Free, Libre and Open Glossary – now in XML!

September 8, 2014


I’ve been trying to teach myself XML and since it’s been over a year since A Free, Libre and Open Glossary was published, I thought I’d reprise it. The schema I used is DocBook 4.5. Please tell me what you think, if there are any errors, and where you recommend that we go from here. […]

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What does a FOSsil Bank item look like?

August 12, 2014


I’ve started thinking – and talking – about what a new and improved FOSsil Bank might look like. A necessary consideration is the existing data. There’s less than a megabyte of it, but it represents 1,646 different items. 1,340 of those are “works”, “sources” or “entries” – that is to say, creative works and those […]

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FOSsil Bank Update (August 2014)

August 10, 2014


Hi folks, First of all, I’m looking to replace Wikidot as the host/database/software behind the FOSsil Bank. Before I do too much investigating, I’d like to hear from you: what changes or additions would make the Bank more useful to you? #FundFreeCulture If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet […]

FOSsil Bank Update, 29 May 2014

May 29, 2014


Hi folks, Another FOSsil Bank update. As always, if you spot free, libre and open works do let me know! #FundFreeCulture If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it! I tweet from https://twitter.com/living_libre The #FundFreeCulture page collects free, libre and open sources and works that are – in […]

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FOSsil Bank Update (3 March 2014)

March 4, 2014


The second half of last week’s update. Good catch Aaron – Jono Bacon doesn’t run Wired. The only connection is that the person who runs Wired wrote the foreword to Jono’s book. #FundFreeCulture If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it! I tweet from https://twitter.com/living_libre The #FundFreeCulture page collects […]

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FOSsil Bank Update (25 February 2014)

February 25, 2014


It’s been two and a half months, so there’s quite an amount of updates stored up. I’ve splitted this update in two – I’ll post the second half next week. Thanks to Leonard Kirke who identified several CC0 works and sources to be added to the FOSsil Bank. Remember that you can always send me […]

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Blood Boys, release 1 – a vampire tabletop RPG

January 19, 2014


Hi folks, I’ve released a complete version of Blood Boys, a vampire tabletop RPG that draws heavily on Paul Czege’s Nicotine Girls. You can download the PDF, the source ODT and three different covers from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8542yftxy2i74pz/d7NC2GTMl8 Please let me know what you think. It’s under a CC BY-SA licence.

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