Share This Book

I want you to release your works — your stories, your photographs, your films and songs — under libre licences, allowing others to share, change and even sell them.

But you’re understandably skeptical. Maybe you’ve never heard of libre before, or you’ve been warned away from open source and free software. You’re not convinced that letting someone on the other side of the world sell your book and keep the profits could be in your best interests.

This book is my attempt to convince you that libre is in your best interests and the best interests of your fans. And I’ve made my book libre, so you can share it, cut it to pieces, remake it and — heck — even sell it if it’s worth your while.

Share This Book

One Response “Share This Book” →

  1. arjaybe

    3 May 2014

    I’m going to mention this book on my blog. I’ll link back to the PDF on your blog.



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